Happy Birthday, William Edmondson

Happy birthday, William Edmondson
Angel-William Edmondson

Happy Birthday, William Edmondson! The self-taught limestone sculptor was born sometime in December of 1874, on a farm just southwest of Nashville Tennessee, in what is now the Green Hills neighborhood. We know the year and month from Federal census records, but not the exact date. William’s mother, Jane, bore eleven children, six of whom survived to adulthood. The family Bible which held the family’s birth records, was lost in a fire. As a result, Edmondson didn’t know what year he was born. Did he know the month and day? It’s impossible to tell, since reporters who wrote about him didn’t mention it one way or another. Maybe they just didn’t think to ask.

I like to imagine that he knew his day — or at least the month — of his birth, especially since it occurred so close to Christmas. Wouldn’t that be the kind of information that would be a part of a family’s oral history?

So, let’s remember and celebrate William Edmondson’s birthday this month!

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